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April 14-15, 2007- well the show went well as both of my boys Championed and Hooter got 2 BOD in 2 rings-Pam Moser and Donna Davis...Was thrilled to death as the competition was stiff and he was an open.... Below is a picture of Tank and a cute little girl who wanted to hold a kitty.

March 14, 2007-My new man came today from Debbie Bruner of Deebows. HE is perfect! As I was driving home from the airport all I could say is Oh Gez!! Oh Gez! He is a lovely silver tabby and white boy. Below is a younger picture of Hooters. Watch for him and Tank together in the show halls in April! He is a whooping 9 plus pounds at 14 months old!

January 1, 2007- Happy New Year!! Hope everyone has a wonderful future in 2007 and remember to spread kindness and it will return 10 fold!

November 20, 2006- Its coming of the winter in the Pacific Northwest

October 1, 2006-Well we are all ready for Halloween as everything has been changed to have a ghoulish good time.... I have named the odd eye White Adonis Istas Angeni means Snow Angel in Indian. September 15, 2006-Updated my page to Halloween theme....early I know but its so fun!!

August 2006-gosh I am so excited as one of my white girls is a ODD EYE! And the eye color on the blue is so bright! August 10, 2006- My long awaited Bennie Hill arrived from Jeri of BluNorther! He is in excellent condition and such a sweetie....he is black and white boy and so cute. THANKS Jeri for a wonderful guy! He is also PKD Negative! Below is a picture of Bennie!

July 7, 2006- Melosa had her babies, cute little buggers. July 1, 2006- Angel went into labor and just couldn't do it with out some help. After a long day in surgery, Angel and babies are all doing well. There are 2 white girls and 2 creams; one is a boy. He was not doing well when born but is doing alright now. He is a fighter....all are looking VERY promising. I am so excited!

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